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Lincoln Cardinals

Lincoln Cardinals
Number Name Position Height Year
00 Alex McPhee Wing 6'2'' Junior
1 Gavin Hoffman Point/Post 6'5'' Senior
3 Adam Bean Wing 6'0'' Senior
4 Jesse Ellison Wing 6'0'' Senior
10 Koleman Vance Wing/Post 6'3'' Junior
11 Peter Williams Wing 6'2'' Senior
12 Bryan Heasty Wing 6'4'' Senior
13 Drake Whitehurst Wing 6'6'' Senior
14 JT Flowers Wing/Poing 6'5'' Junior
15 Spencer Rotenberg Wing 6'3'' Junior
20 Collin Director Wing/Poing 6'0'' Senior
21 Brett Johnson Wing 6'0'' Junior
22 Soren Wrenn Wing 6'3'' Junior
24 Michael Grewe Wing 6'0'' Senior
25 Blake Thorton Point 6'0'' Junior

JT Flowers, (Undecided)

Gavin Hoffmann, (Undecided)
Head Coach   David Adelman
Assistant Coaches   Sean Christensen, John Hefflinger, Will Kuester, and Nick Westbrook
Principal   Peyton Chapman
Athletic Director   Jeff Peeler
Location   Portland, OR
  • Head Coach David Adelman is in his fifth season at Lincoln High School. The son of former Trail Blazer and current Houston Rockets Head Coach, Adelman is a two time Coach of the Year and two time league champion in the PIL (06-07 and 09-10)
  • The Cardinals will focus on lots of ball movement and player movement to make up for their lack of size.
  • Gavin Hoffman, a four-year letterman on the basketball team will be looked upon to provide leadership and scoring for the reigning PIL champions.
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