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Sierra Canyon Trailblazers (Chatsworth, CA)

Sierra Canyon
Number Name Position Height Year
1 Remy Martin Guard 6-0 Senior
2 Cody Riley Forward 6-9 Senior
3 Terrance McBride Guard 6-3 Senior
5 Adam Seiko Guard 6-3 Senior
10 Hunter Bleeden Guard 6-2 Senior
11 Kenny Burns Guard 6-1 Sophomore
13 Michael Feinberg Guard 6-4 Junior
14 Zach Brooker Guard 5-9 Freshman
15 Stefan Kljajic Forward 6-8 Senior
23 Marcus Bagley Forward 6-6 Freshman
24 Joey Epstein Guard 5-11 Junior
25 Ben Riley Forward 6-2 Freshman
31 William Washington Guard 5-10 Junior
33 Joe Wallace Guard 6-4 Junior
35 Marvin Bagley III Forward 6-11 Junior

The #1 Junior in the Country 6'10 Marvin Bagley III

Cody Riley (UCLA - signed)

Remy Martin (Arizona State - signed)

Adam Seiko (San Diego State - signed)

Marvin Bagley (Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Duke, Kentucky, UCLA)

Marcus Bagley (Arizona, Arizona State, Pacific, USC, UCLA)

Terrance McBride (Cornell)
Head Coach   Ty Nichols
Assistant Coaches   Andre Chevalier, Scott Switalla, CJ Jackson, Yoshi Pena, Rock Lloyd
Head of School   Jim Skrumbis
Athletic Director   Rock Pillsbury
Location   Chatsworth, CA
Conference   Gold Coast Athletic Conference
Website   sierracanyonschool.org

  • Under Coach Ty Nichols, the Trailblazers have an impressive record of 98-24 with a State Title in 2015.

  • Sierra Canyon is home to brothers Marvin and Marcus Bagley. Marvin is the No. 1 Junior in the Nation while younger brother Marcus is already being heavily recruited as a freshman.

  • The Trailblazers are an athletic, versatile team with the ability to settle the game with composure, as well as change the pace and push the ball.
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