No. Player Height Weight Position Year
14 Scott Davis 6'3" 185 Point/Wing Senior
15 Dusty Henson 5'11" 150 Wing Senior
20 Bobby Putney 5'11" 165 Wing Junior
22 Andrew Williamson 6'3" 160 Wing Senior
25 Ryan Moss 6'1" 165 Point/Wing Senior
35 Jake Quiring 6'2" 200 Wing Junior
40 Dan Read 6'10" 195 Post Senior
42 Bill Allen 6'4" 195 Point/Wing Senior
44 Seth Henderson 6'3" 235 Post Senior
45 Mike Hawkins 6'6" 220 Post Junior
Team Info: Jim Lockard begins his 4th year as head coach for the Highlanders. North Eugene spent most of the 96-97 campaign near the top of the state polls and proved everone right with a 3rd place finish at the state tournament. Coach Lockard believes the 97-98 team will feature more depth than his 3rd place team from last year, and will look to emulate its fast-paced style. If this proves to be ture, we will find the Highlanders averaging somewhere around 71 points per game and probably near the top in state for 1998.
Location: Eugene, OR
Conference: Midwestern
Principal: Pat Latimer
Athletic Director: Hank Bendix
Head Coach: Jim Lockard
Assistant Coaches: Rich Bray
Adam McColley
Ty Lockard
Ryan Tucker

1997, 1998 ProMax Event Management Team, Inc.