No. Player Position Height Year
3Alan ChenGuard5'8"12
4Jay BennettWing6'0"12
5Kevin TynerGuard5'8"10
10Dustin HewittGuard / Wing5'11"12
11Josh KnightGuard5'10"10
12Michael HarringtonWing6'2"11
14Hasani MiltonWing6'0"12
15Graham NeubergerGuard5'10"10
20Tony HalliganGuard / Wing6'1"10
21Alex ChesterPost6'3"12
22Arcadius St. LaurentWing6'2"12
23Lance PrestonGuard5'8"12
24Gabe ButtonPost6'3"12
30Jon SchilePost6'6"12
33Ken DoleacPost6'7"12
Team Info: Coach Halligan has been the head coach for Central Catholic for 14 years, leading his team to 4 Conference Championships, 1 State Championship (94) and 10 State Tournament appearances. Look for the Rams to play an up tempo game and attack at both ends of the court. Some top athletes to come out of Central Catholic are:
     Mike Doleac / U of Utah, Orlando Magic
     Matt Santangelo / Gonzaga
     Hans Rasmussen / Notre Dame
     Joey Harrington / U of Oregon (Quarterback)
D-1 Prospects: Ken Doleac / Looking at Notre Dame, Gonzaga, Pepperdine & Princeton
Principal: Ron Edwards
Athletic Director: Mark Horak
Head Coach: Steve Halligan
Assistant Coaches: John Weber

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